Stoneware cup with Nuka glaze by Mats Svensson

Available individually or in sets of 2

As all products are handmade, sizes and colour may vary slightly.

H: 3 1/2″

D: 2 3/4″

Handcrafted in Sweden

Artists statement

Working with ceramics means molding, joining and firing different materials from the earth crust. I find inspiration in nature and the seasonal changes. Throughout my professional life, I have been greatly influenced by Japanese ceramics and its relation to nature and asymmetry. Shapes that I often return to are simple irregular bowls for various purposes.

In the working process I seek for some kind of balance between the controlled and the unforeseen. I am working with utility goods and want my ceramics to be used. The tools I use to shape the clay are a potter’s wheel and plaster press molds. The glazes mainly consist of clays, ash and feldspar. Everything is fired in a gas kiln or an Anagama kiln to about 1280 degrees Celsius. The glazes mostly consist of clay, ash and feldspar.

Parallel to my own business as a potter, I also have been the head of the ceramics department at Leksand Folkhigh school in Sweden.